Next-generation engineering data

Machine Precision creates industrial-engineering software services and products. Our technology extracts more value from existing data sources by seamlessly combining technical, physical, and financial data.

Improving data exchange

Standardized, machine-interpretable data means faster and less error-prone data handover and other critical data-exchange operations.

Minimizing design iteration time

Our Integrated Knowledge Engine brings together physics and technical specifications, enabling faster and better-integrated evaluation of designs.

‘Machine precision’ refers to the error tolerance in finite-precision computations.

What can our technology do?

By integrating knowledge from different sources, including the client’s database and Machine Precision’s physics API, our Integrated Knowledge Engine can automatically perform tasks that are relevant to process engineers and other key industrial-engineering professionals.


Equipment & line sizing

Automatically resize when specifications change.

Specification & compatibility checks

Automatically verify compatibility between parts, materials, etc.

System and subsystem analysis

Automatically compute system curves, cavitation analysis, etc.

Automated design & optimization

Determine optimal design for a given (linear) P&ID section and set of parts.

Want to know more?

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